Keeper of the Akku Now Available

Keeper of the Akku is available on Amazon. For now, it’s exclusive there, and part of the Kindle Unlimited program. This story is what’s known as a novelette, weighing in at about 50 pages or 16,000 words.

This is my first published piece. I’ll be following up with another novelette in June, and also have a much longer novel in the works. Carol Davis was a great help in the copyedit and proofread departments. If you’re looking for editorial services, I highly recommend her. I also need to thank all the folks in three different critique groups who read earlier drafts of this story. It’s much stronger due to their feedback.

Here’s the book description:

For countless years, Drogga has made the journey alone. His cart wobbles over hard ground, crossing empty land between his village and the tower. When Drogga encounters a human child, a runaway hiding at this near-sacred place, he resists his instinct to chase her off. He provides the girl with food and shelter. He listens to her stories of the city, where humans still live. He has heard how these people—strangely pale and hairless—brought about the destruction of the world, though surely this child is no more at fault than Drogga, or his people.

When Drogga’s sister must accompany him to the tower, he knows that he has made a terrible mistake. His sister will never approve of this human child, not where the akku belong. Drogga sees only one option. His sister and the girl must not meet.

Follow this link to find the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Keeper of the Akku, Cover Reveal

My first novelette, Keeper of the Akku, will be released next week. I received the final cover image today, really happy with how this turned out. I think it captures the story well, lets the reader know this is a fantasy story—and a bit of a lonely one at that.

The cover was created by Stephanie Mooney at Mooney Graphics. I can’t thank her enough. She was super easy to work with, and obviously is a talented designer.

So without further ado, here’s the cover: